Why Buy a Virtual Phone Number?

A business’s phone system needs to grow as the company grows. Your sales team needs a way to contact prospects, and your customer support team needs to work through a unified number to take calls as they come in. Thankfully, virtual phone numbers make it easy for your business to grow without increasing your overhead costs. Virtual phone service providers typically offer a variety of add-ons that allow your team to get more out of their service plans, including access and usage monitoring.
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One of the most useful features of a virtual phone number is its ability to connect customers with the right person, regardless of where your team members are located in the world. For example, if your business operates out of San Francisco but has many customers in New York City, you can buy a local phone number for each location and forward callers to your in-house team members’ smartphones or to a local VoIP phone line in NYC.
You can also choose to show your customers a local area code for your business number when they call you. This makes it easier for them to remember your number and increases their confidence in your business. In addition, a local phone number can help your business increase its sales in foreign countries by reducing chargebacks on credit cards and making it easier for customers to connect with consultants who are located in their region.
Most virtual phone services enable you to set custom business hours for each of your business numbers so that calls received outside of those hours can be routed to voicemail, another team member or your mobile device. Most providers can also provide advanced call routing options like call waiting, hold and do not disturb.
In order to keep tabs on how often and by whom your phone number is being used, most virtual phone services include a variety of analytics tools. These dashboards can give you insights into the type of calls your business receives, who is calling and when. They can be accessed through your desktop or mobile app and can help you identify trends that will improve your call quality and conversions. Some of these analytics tools can even alert you to problems that might require maintenance.


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